WCTI technology is protected by patents;
The Technology "EVOLUTION"
"EVOLUTION" to 21st Century Cooling Tower Treatment & Water Conservation
  • NO chemicals - NO consequeces
  • Mitigates scale, corrosion and bio-fouling without discharge of tower water or chemicals.
  • “New Dimension” cooling technology permits operation at high TDS / Zero Tower Blowdown
  • “State of Art” Corrosion & Scale Inhibition in tower water at 20,000 TDS or higher
  • Water use reduction & cost savings without acid, scale or corrosion risks
  • NO MORE complicated traditional chemical index programs, controls, chemicals and tower blowdown
  • The most advanced 24/7 monitoring technology of it's kind, assuring performance and reliability.
  • It doesn't get any greener! This technology just concentrates the "natural" minerals in the water
  • US Patents: Corrosion and Scale Inhibition (6929749; 6949193; 6998092; 7122148; 7517493; 7708939; 7955553; 8057738).;
  • International patents; Europe EP1704123; Canada CA2547907;  India IA249812 ; Australia AU070840.
How It Works
  • Proprietary HES pre-conditioning system removes scale forming ions from tower make-up
  • Permits unlimited makeup water concentrations (10-100 COC)
  • Silica concentrates without deposition (200 - 1000 Mg/L soluble silica)
  • Silica chemistry protects metals from high TDS corrosion
  • High TDS and pH inhibits bio & pathogen growth (biostatic tower water)
  • And the only material used is salt, an inexpensive and sustainable natural commodity
  • Now you can get the performance and economy cooling towers are capable of delivering!
The Benefits
  • Typically reduces total treatment cost by 50% or greater
  • New Industry Standard for Corrosion Protection (<0.1 MPY for mild steel, copper, galvanized, aluminum)
  • Non-toxic chemistry and cost effective elimination of discharge
  • No chemical handling & storage
  • Reduced testing and operator time
  • Ideal for high silica or reuse (wastewater) makeup source waters
  • Eliminates “bleed & feed” water wastage and chemical costs
Our Experience
  • Application since 2004 for potable water conservation and tower performance benefits
  • More than a decade using recycled Title 22 waste water for tower makeup
  • Customers include Data Centers, Aerospace, Industrial, Food, Medical and Commercial systems.
  • System metals tested include mild steel, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless.
  • Cooling towers include Marley, BAC, Evapco, others.
WCTI Water Efficient Pre-treatment Systems
  • WCTI proprietary / patent protected pre-treatment and monitoring systems
  • HES (High Efficiency Softening) design; salt use 4#/ft3 resin
  • Salt Efficiency: 4500 Grains Hardness removal per pound of salt
  • 30-50% lower salt use plus 70% lower regeneration waste water
  • Polished quality and minimum hardness leakage permits tower operation at < 1% water loss
  • Economical design & simple operation, with proactive RPA service support
  • RPA (Remote Performance Assurance) 24/7 on line remote monitoring ensures reliability
  • HEF (High Efficiency Filtration) systems for waste water pre-treatment applications
Program Implementation - Virtual Daily Service
  • Survey of design capacity, load, water quality, environmental needs, prior performance limitations
  • Proposal with complete water savings comparison and ROI cost analysis (ESPG)
  • Purchase & installation of most pre-treatment systems in 2 to 8 weeks.
  • Monthly flat fee for method use and service, no more chemical purchases
  • Start-up and program transition for new construction and retrofit systems
  • 24/7 performance monitoring / reporting with advanced on-line remote monitoring (RPA)
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